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Monday, February 27, 2006

Blog De-Tox

I have an addiction and I need to kick it. If I could quit smoking cold-turkey after twelve years, I can get this out of my system too. What began as a simple recreation and time-wasting measure has taken over my life. I am sick.

I check Haloscan every single time I get onto the internet (which is often) to see if people are commenting. I check SiteMeter obsessively to keep up with the numbers and locales. I Technorati myself. I am forever keeping up with Bloglines to see what everyone is talking about. I have a whole seperate email address just for WonL. I have recently had real life friends join me with their own blogs. At a party this weekend, on multiple occassions the topic of conversation turned to blogging.

But today, today is when I knew the problem had reached unbearable new heights.

Today I rounded a corner to see flashing lights on the tow-truck and my car up on two wheels...as I was running down the street in DC rush hour traffic to catch my car the only thing I could think about was what a great blog post this would make. When I told my best friend the story of how Mac-the-tow-truck-guy let me have my car back, I told him I loved him and he scribbled down his phone # on some torn off piece of paper, the first thing out of her mouth was "you have to blog this." I hung my head in shame. This is just too much. I will no longer allow my life to be one long blog post. I want ME back:-)

Being Catholic, and taking Lent extremely seriously, I have decided to sacrifice WonL for the next 40 days. I am going to take this time to focus on living and maybe re-learn to communicate with the people around me in a way that does not involve word verification. I used to be pretty good at that. I hope to return after Easter to recreational blogging minus the obsession part. This will likely be a hard habit to break, but if I can do it for anyone, it's Him.

See you on the other side.

P.S. I still fully expect emails about happy hours and EPH tournaments!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Spring Break DC - a little early

There is just something about law school that takes "work hard-play hard" to a whole new level. And there is just something about the journey to becoming a lawyer that coincides directly with the journey to becoming an alcoholic. I came to this realization last evening as I noticed my roommate sitting in a corner at my friend's party watching all the law school kids in horror (or perhaps pity) as we they took turns doing keg-stands into the wee hours of the morning. She is five years younger than me, but her gaze just screamed "grow up!" I really cannot explain how wrapping your fingers around the handles of a keg, having your feet hoisted in the air, and guzzling beer upside-down seems like a good idea at 3 in the morning.

UPDATE: While I was doing legal research for my memo due Thursday browsing the internet, I found this gem. In a post entitled "What's My Age Again?", Dennis says:

"But when the birthday girl's busy doing shots of Jaeger on top of her beers and then having to get walked home... well, really, how old am I? And is it strange that this happening to adults, practicing lawyers among them? Shouldn't we have learned by now to moderate our alcohol intake?" (emphasis added)

See, it IS a lawyer-lush thing!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

A morning after

Taking a break from paper-writing this morning, I decided to check out the Nola cameras. Even as a child, I was always fascinated by the "day after" effect of an evening of Mardi Gras revelry. Once the streets clear, you are able to notice the immense amounts of trash and beads littered everywhere. When you are partying, you just don't notice (unless you step in it). I am also always amazed that there are people out and about so early the next morning.

Admittedly, some have not been home just yet.

On the ParadeCam, I noticed this hard-core reveler.

Note the time. It is 6:40 in the morning and this guy has set up his ladder, chairs and even his tent. This is a gentleman you do not want to stand in front of for beads. He means business.

On the BurboCam, I noticed a couple of folks doing the walk-o-shame.

(Come on, don't act like you have no clue what I am talking about;-) She sure is smiling big. Maybe she is still drunk. Or, maybe she had a memorable evening. Perhaps she knows Michigan here and the look on her face is one of recognition.

OOORRRR, she knows where the BurboCam is located and she is a girl on a mission.


If you wanna play Mardi Gras, check out the cameras.

Friday, February 24, 2006

I'm the Mardi Gras queen!

Since I was apparently too "shy" about this the first time...I was asked to tell you again: I am the Queen of the Krewe of Louisiana. Granted, Wilson Blvd. is not quite St. Charles Ave. (the Virginians won't even let us drink on the floats) but, I do get to ride in the back of a convertible and wave around a scepter while wearing an insanely huge headpiece.

I should note that this Krewe is the oldest running Krewe in the Old Dominion and that the Clarendon parade is ranked 8th in the country. (And no comments from the peanut gallery about a lack of parades outside of Nola. We take what we can get!) The Krewe was recently featured in a story in the Times Picayune that also highlights an event earlier in the day put on by the DOD. After the hardest hit my state has ever taken, we are using this opportunity to show that the spirit of Louisiana will not fade.

The parade itself begins at Whole Foods at 8pm. The floats go up Wilson Blvd. to the Metro and back down Clarendon Blvd. Roads will be blocked off, so plan accordingly. For those interested, THE premier after party will be at Tallula's. Owner, Mike Babin, will be serving as King of the Krewe this year. More importantly, his restaurant will be serving gumbo, jambalaya, hurricanes, king cake, etc. I have had his jambalaya...it's good and I'm picky.

All this is going down Mardi Gras Day! That is Fat Tuesday. February 28th. Next Tuesday.

As Matt Chatell, organizer of the DOD event, says "Tuesday will be a day to celebrate and think of home, a time to raise a ruckus in purple, green and gold."

I will be colorful...will you?

Thursday, February 23, 2006

More detailed re-cap

Things I learned at happy hour last night: (will be updated as memories trickle back)

It is not easy to slide down the handrails of the stairs at Lucky Bar.

Contrary to what some bloggers may think, the line "will you make out with me?" does not work on me.

Marci is so much fun!

Travis really does have a softer side.

Stef's highlights look great.

Miss M is hilarious. She colored her eyebrows purple.

People do not know DCSportsChick's husband's name.

The bartenders are more willing to sell drinks to the nice patrons, not the ones who shout "hey asshole, you are taking too long, give me a vodka-tonic"

I-66 is a nametag whore. (Still wondering who got to the bottom;-)

I will still not make out with you, even if you do carry my back pack for me.

After a few drinks, I can bring tears to Miss M's eyes with the toaster oven story.

BettyJoan has a quaint little blog family going: her boyfriend, her sister's boyfriend, and pretty soon, her sister.

EJ is still at my school! We should do lunch:-)

There seems to be an endless supply of latin-dance-floors around Lucky Bar.

Even if you buy my drinks, I will still not make out with you...but I think Marci wants to dance.

Favorite line of the evening: now that I know you better, I am going to photoshop you.

I had some really great conversations about the politics of linking and de-linking.

Travis can magically open garage doors in Georgetown.

We found EPH in DC!!!

Thanks, Nicole for summing up where we went last night: Lucky Bar --> 18th Street Lounge --> Cafe Citron --> Steve's Bar Room.

Check out some of the pics at Yeah So I'm and Sterfanie.

My Re-Cap

Ow. Head. Hurts.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Follow-up to Monday's post...

Thanks for the emails and phone calls, but seriously, I am fine. No need to interpret my emotional ramblings on WonL as my actual daily/nightly mood.

I am, by no means, still pining away three years later. Seriously. It was a hard part of my life, but I moved on. Sometimes, though, sometimes the stars align and certain things happen and for one brief moment all those emotions come flooding back. That is when I write. It could be triggered by a certain song, a memorable smell, an emotional movie, or in my case, a toaster oven.

Monday, February 20, 2006

I didn't want to go. I told him that I didn't want to go. It was not because of him. I'm just not good at goodbyes. I knew this was going to be hard and I just didn't want to see this to the end. I couldn't. He understood.

He called me the day before and I could hear it in his voice. He asked if he could just come over. He knew we had plans in a few hours, but could he just come over now? He didn't need to ask me that. All along, he had been the strong one. He always was. He took care of people, that is just what he did. For once, now...for once in his life, he wanted someone to take care of him. He needed me. I could hear it in his voice. We sat there for hours. I just held him. I wanted to be strong for him, but I cried the whole time. He never cried. He never cried, but there was that look in his eyes. A look facing reality, admitting that this was all becoming way too real.

I still did not want to go the following day. He told me that he needed me there. I knew I should be there. I decided to go.

I sat in the backseat of his mom's car and I cried the entire way to Dulles. Nothing in the world could have prepared me for that day. Not a single defense mechanism in my arsenal was able to handle this. I just cried. He held my hand from the front seat the entire ride. With every mile marker we passed, his grip got tighter.

As we approached security, my heart just hurt. There are no other ways to describe it, but just pain. He said his goodbyes to his mom, then he looked at me. We stood there, holding each other. Neither of us wanted to let go. We both knew exactly what this meant. We had talked about meeting up in six months in Hawaii; we had talked about me going to law school in Australia; we had talked about him coming back here after med school and us having this great life together. At that very moment, though, we knew that those were all empty words. We both knew in our hearts what this meant. I kept my head buried in his chest, never wanting to look up. I thought back to that long ago night on my balcony. "You do realize I can see right through you" he said. "Keep building those walls, Law-Rah. I will keep climbing them."

When I finally looked up, I saw tears in his eyes. To this day, three years later, I will never forget the look on his face. This guy who never ever showed emotion, whose own mother was shocked to see him cry, whose friends all told me what a rock he was...this guy was crying. Seeing his face at that moment hurt me more than walking away.

I dragged myself puffy-eyed into work the next morning to find a voicemail message from him. He was at the airport. He was watching me walk away with tears in his eyes. He just wanted to tell me that he loved me.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

An excerpt from my classnotes*

-Note 3-p.226
+Tallahatchie; TVEPA-->subsidiary
+T-not "legal";subsidiary is okay; huh?

-F@CK...pay attention...take notes!

-business judgment rule (bj rule) HAHA

-something about occidental? museum

-(ton of money) (money is good)

*alternate title: Why I am going to fail corporations

Friday, February 17, 2006

Woe is me Friday

I spent my day being such a freaking girl!

First, I had an emotional breakdown over a toaster oven.

Then, I spent my day sad and lonely whining to myself about how law school took away all my friends. Seriously, I did. Yesterday, I sent an email to my closest female friends who still live in the area. I was whining about how I have nothing to do this weekend and I would love to tag along if anyone has room for me and that I need to feel loved. (How pathetic.) What is more pathetic is that no one responded. Ever. So began my woe is me Friday spent obsessively checking my email to see if anyone loved me. Nada.

My roomie called about a half hour ago and sympathtically asked if I was okay and if I wanted to go to a movie tonight. I eagerly accepted and then told her I am feeling very unloved today. (Such a girl!) She said "yeah, it was really weird that you never chimed in to all of those emails about you." Huh? Apparently, I am loved and people do miss me and want to hang out...my email was not working!

You are probably still wondering what kind of fool cries over a toaster oven, huh?

Blogosphere input needed

I'm back today and in need of some reader help!

I have this interview for this thing early next week. It's a group interview and we all know the question in advance. Each person has 2-4 minutes to "teach" the group something. Anything. Some examples are: how to breakdance or how to cook chocolate fondue. Before you say "Law-Rah, I'm not sure what you know how to do"...it's safe to assume the answer to that is "not very much."

Keep in mind, I will be teaching law school students...and "how to relax" is not an option.

So, loyal readers, if you wanted me to "teach" you something in 2-4 minutes, what would it be?

Ideas so far:
How to tie a tie.
How to play 52 card pick-up.
How to program a VCR. (I am so good at this:-)
How to make a flirtini. (I don't know how.)
How to make a ham and cheese hot pocket.
The Playaz Business Model.
How to create a non-profit.
How to tie-dye a t-shirt.
How to make an oragami animal.
How to make a paper airplane.
How to get a free credit report online.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

The sun'll come out...tomorrow.

Today, I don't want to be in Law School anymore. In fact, I really don't want to be a lawyer at all. I don't care about the money and don't care about the great job at a cushy firm I already *almost* have. I don't want to advocate for any clients. I don't want to research. I don't want to work my way up to partner.

Today, I don't want to hold out for the right man...one who deserves me. I don't want to think about old boyfriends. I don't want to go on any new dates. I don't even want to have a crush.

Today, I don't want to be a strong minded, goal oriented, follow-your-dreams type of person. I don't want to have any dreams.

Today, I don't want to be everybody's friend. I don't want to do people favors. I don't want to smile at everyone I pass. I don't want to be polite.

Today, I don't want to dress cute or work out or put on make-up.

Today, I want to meet a man with a whole lot of money who absolutely adores me and who will just take me away from all of this.

Tomorrow, I will be back. Today, I am taking the day off.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy Day

Everyone is sitting around talking about NOT talking about Valentine's day. Those who have plans are giggly. Those who don't are bitter. Some of us, though, some of us are pretty darn indifferent. Valentine's day has taken on many different meanings to me over the years. I have spent this day head over heals in love showered with gifts; I have spent this day crying because I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me; I have spent this day in love but not celebrating because it was the anniversary of his mother's death. It really all used to depend on the year.

That all changed three years ago when this little "angel" came along to change this day forever:

(Apparently my young niece is taking after me these days and is a bit more devilish than she was a few years ago.) So, today is not really Valentine's Day...it's Ann Marie's birthday!

In honor of her birthday and Valentine's day, I figured I'd post a picture of her and her "boyfriend" Caeser. And, for those of you not celebrating my niece's birthday, thought you might enjoy a funny card* I came across.

Have a great day!

*Thanks for the heads up, AI!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Good Times

I tried orange juice:

I tried every medicine available:

And all I really needed was a dose of home:

My friend called me around 4pm yesterday. I barely said hello when he starts in with "Law-Rah, don't give any crap about being sick. Put your dress on, I'll be there to pick you up at 7:30." I still felt horrible and really didn't feel like leaving my sofa in a blizzard but I did not seem to have much choice. So, in my flu-ridden state, I managed to pull myself together and make it to the Mardi Gras Ball last night.

I am so glad I went. Although still a little too sick to eat, after consuming a Purple Haze or two, I was able to hit the dance floor. (Only had to leave twice because I was getting dizzy.) The ball was in the atrium of the Old Post Office Pavillion which was absolutely beautiful! The night was full of beads and King Cake and costumes and good Zydeco music and happy southern folk. I stayed sober and probably had more fun last night than I have had in a very long time. I woke up today feeling much better, so I guess I just needed a little bit of home to get me back on my feet.

Bi-Partisan lines: Law-Rah and Senator Breaux

Thursday, February 09, 2006

This officially sucks

The Van Vleck Moot Court Competition is today at GW. The judges are Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. & Second Circuit Court of Appeals Judges Guido Calabresi & Sonia Sotomayor. I have had my ticket for weeks...so excited about this.

The competition starts in 45 minutes and you know where I am? I am sitting at home sick with the flu. This officially sucks.

UPDATE (Friday at 7pm): Still feeling bad, but a little less stressed out. My moot court brief is done! It is due in one hour and my partner is on his way to drop it off as I type this. So, now I have 25 hours to kick this flu before the big Mardi Gras Ball. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I forgot what today was. I remember now. I wonder about Ms. Johnson and her family.

Save the Date!

This one is for my DC readers:

FEBRUARY 28, 2006!!!
FEBRUARY 28, 2006!!!
FEBRUARY 28, 2006!!!

For those of you who did not instinctively know what that day is, um, shame on you...it's Mardi Gras. You might be thinking "so, I don't live in Louisiana, it's not like I can celebrate here in the Metropolitan DC Area." Nonsense!

Granted, no one gets off work for this holiday (something I am still trying to come to terms with after four years), and granted, Wilson Boulevard is no Bourbon Street...but, hey, we work with what we got. I must admit, Northern Virginia puts on one helluva parade for being so far north. (Pause for a moment while certain DC-ers sigh about that faraway city across the river.)

Anyway, this year is a very special year and everyone (yes, that means you too) should attend this parade. The Krewe of Louisiana will be out in rare form this year. You should go to show your support for the rough times Louisianians have gone through this past year. You should go to see that the spirit of Louisiana is still strong and proud. You should go because we will throw you really good beads. But mostly, you should go to see me in a crown and cape because I was notified today that they seem to have elected me Queen of the Krewe!

HA! You had no idea I was royalty, did you?

Sunday, February 05, 2006

A look ahead

I have a forty-page brief due on Friday for the International Moot Court Competition. There are a few small problems with this:

Um, neither my partner nor myself have taken an International Law class.


Topics to cover include systematic rape during a civil war, universal jurisdiction, and selling women into slavery...none of which I am even remotely familiar with.


Today is Sunday and I have read, researched, organized, etc...I still have yet to begin writing.


The rest of law school does not stop for this competition, therefore, I still have other obligations such as: to be prepared with a direct examination and cross examination for three different cases in Trial Advocacy...to be on deck for Corporations: Monday through Wednesday...to have a cold-calling professor for Admin: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday...to be on deck for Criminal Procedure on Wednesday.


Very little blogging & most probably very irritable mood.

Friday, February 03, 2006

The Ballerina

I, too, am un-American this year, as I am skipping the Super Bowl. Shhh...don't tell my older brother.

In college, I was asked out by a guy who said "do you want to go to dinner this weekend?" Simple enough, except that I already had plans for Friday and Saturday. He said "then we'll go Sunday." Fabulous. Around Wednesday, older brother calls to see if I was going to his place on Sunday for the big party. Having no idea what he is talking about, I tell him I can't because I have a date. "A DATE?" he gasps. Gee, you don't have to sound shocked, I do have dates you know. He corrects himself "I meant, a date THIS SUNDAY? Law-Rah, you do know it's the Super Bowl, right?" Heh, I sure didn't. I am immediately pelted with questions like: What kind of guy takes a girl on a first date during the Super Bowl? What kind of guy doesn't watch the Super Bowl? What is wrong with him? Is this guy like into ballet or something?

So, at dinner, we are having a lovely time and I steer the conversation toward the big football game. He did know about it, which was in his favor. I mention that my brother was having a big party and we were invited to stop by. Of course, he agrees, saying he'd love to meet my brother. BIG MISTAKE.

By the time we arrive, the game is over and brother and all his friends are fairly intoxicated. They pry themselves away from the two girls kissing in the kitchen to come and meet my date. Of course, being the little sister, I now have four older brothers beaming questions at my date. It wasn't so bad until brother's roommate decides to turn the conversation to ballet. So, date, do you like ballet? Do you wear tights? Can you do this? Next thing I know a few of my brother's friends are drunkenly piroutting around the living room. I want to die at this point. While driving me home, date confesses, "your brother seems nice and all, and please don't take offense to this, but his friends are really strange, Law-Rah."

To this day, my brother and his college roommate call him "the ballerina".

Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Metamorphosis of Me

In honor of Blogger Poetry Day, I have done some digging and a bit of soul-searching. When I was a child, I wrote poetry to express myself. Granted, they were Shel-Silverstein-style poems, but to a kid, they were masterpieces. I rarely showed my poems to people because they were private (and, um, not very good). Thankfully, my parents always told me to keep some sort of compilation so I could look back one day. I have had occassion to dig them out and read them a few times over the years and it really is quite humorous to me. Most of my poems are about the "love of my life" that week, but I also wrote about best friends, suicide (not mine), friends moving away, and just plain growing up. I would have to say the most telling ones are those about my parents. It is fascinating to me how the same two people can be viewed through different lenses...that of age.

I wrote this about ma and pa in my "woe is me" pre-teen years:

Monsters Beyond My Door

They think just because we came from dust
That they can treat me like dirt.
They never seem to care
How much they make me hurt.

I hate them for the way they treat me.
I hate them for not giving a damn.
They don't appreciate me for me,
I am sorry if that is the way I am.

No one's home when I feel bad,
When I need someone to cry to.
So when I hear the words "I'm sorry"
It's not like it's anything new.

They pick and choose my friends
And keep me inside this fence.
If you are wondering who these awful people are,
They call themselves my parents.

They want me to pretend we're one big happy family,
When they can't even stand each other.
It's really hard when your own flesh and blood
Doesn't want to be your brother.

And I wrote this one after having grown to appreciate my family a bit:
Things I Thank My Parents For:

The bottle when I was just a baby
The food when I could only cry
The blankets when I was chilly
And when I was ill, staying by my side

At Christmas, letting me help decorate the tree
And praying before bedtime each night
For yelling at my brothers and me
When it seemed like all we did was fight

The perm I was given back in fourth grade
The slumber parties over the years
The in-style clothing I had to have
The tissues when my eyes filled with tears

For making me work for my own money
For not taking pictures on my first date
The curfews that they set for me
For pretending to sleep when I came in late

For praising all my good grades
And grounding me for the bad
For teaching me right from wrong
And always to appreciate what I had

More than that, I thank my parents
For unconditionally loving me
For letting me make my own mistakes
Then being there to help me see

For sticking together through troubled times
Promising to love me to the end
But most of all, Mom and Dad
Thank you for being my best friends.

I guess that no matter how often I say I don't want to grow up, there are some things I am really grateful I grew out of:-)