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Monday, February 27, 2006

Blog De-Tox

I have an addiction and I need to kick it. If I could quit smoking cold-turkey after twelve years, I can get this out of my system too. What began as a simple recreation and time-wasting measure has taken over my life. I am sick.

I check Haloscan every single time I get onto the internet (which is often) to see if people are commenting. I check SiteMeter obsessively to keep up with the numbers and locales. I Technorati myself. I am forever keeping up with Bloglines to see what everyone is talking about. I have a whole seperate email address just for WonL. I have recently had real life friends join me with their own blogs. At a party this weekend, on multiple occassions the topic of conversation turned to blogging.

But today, today is when I knew the problem had reached unbearable new heights.

Today I rounded a corner to see flashing lights on the tow-truck and my car up on two wheels...as I was running down the street in DC rush hour traffic to catch my car the only thing I could think about was what a great blog post this would make. When I told my best friend the story of how Mac-the-tow-truck-guy let me have my car back, I told him I loved him and he scribbled down his phone # on some torn off piece of paper, the first thing out of her mouth was "you have to blog this." I hung my head in shame. This is just too much. I will no longer allow my life to be one long blog post. I want ME back:-)

Being Catholic, and taking Lent extremely seriously, I have decided to sacrifice WonL for the next 40 days. I am going to take this time to focus on living and maybe re-learn to communicate with the people around me in a way that does not involve word verification. I used to be pretty good at that. I hope to return after Easter to recreational blogging minus the obsession part. This will likely be a hard habit to break, but if I can do it for anyone, it's Him.

See you on the other side.

P.S. I still fully expect emails about happy hours and EPH tournaments!