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Monday, August 04, 2008


Hello? Anyone out there? Can't blame you if you're not. But if you are, well then, hello! I have a lot to say, but not really much to say at all. Instead, I figured I would update/bore you with what is going on over here.

First off, the "Killer Socialization Project 2008" has been overwhelmingly successful. Seriously. My little urban chihuahua is adjusting quite nicely to his new life. Looking at him now and considering just 6 short months ago, he was in Louisiana growling and cowering away from everyone who approached him - I'd say you sure can teach an old dog new tricks. This little guy
the friendliest most approachable dog in the building. In fact, just the other day, I caught him climbing on a homeless guy trying to share his food. Shocking, I know, a homeless guy in Clarendon. Anyway, he's doing very well and I love having him here.

Work is great. I really love my job. When I think back to how much I have learned and grown as a lawyer this past year, I sit in awe. And of course, when I think back to how I learned none of it during my $150k debt years (aka: law school), I sit in disgust. Let's see, not much I can divulge about work...but, I brought in my first client! (Not to be confused with client referred to in my last post who was not, in fact, my client but was someone else's client who that someone else seemed to forget was someone else's client.) Anyway, my client is a guy I met through another client who called me up to help him handle a problem with a contractor on his house. I'm pretty excited about that because (1) makes me look good to the higher ups (2) good experience to get to go through the process to see how it's all done and (3) I can seek out mentoring and advice from more seasoned attorneys but I get to call the shots. Yeah, I could get used to this. I just gotta keep my ego in check. A partner asked me to do a non-billable assignment today and my first instinct was to say "um, can you get someone else to do this, I have clients relying on me." Of course, my actual response was "sure, I'd love to."

The running thing is on hold for a bit. I was actually doing pretty well for a while there. Then I got injured. I wish I could say it was a running injury. But alas, it was not. It was a stepping out of the back of a van in heels and a dress after a few drinks injury. Planted my foot and my knee went the other way. Pain! (thankfully, dulled by the open bar at the wedding). Anyway, I go to the doctor tomorrow for some x-rays because things don't seem to be getting better. I will keep you posted. Hell, if things go bad and I end up laid up here, I will have plenty of time to blog!

Let's see, what else is there? I think I am down to just mere tidbits of information:

Um, I am going to see NKOTB in October. I am very excited because New Kids was my first concert ever!

Um, the CVS and Thai food place across the street from me finally shut down. I am super sad about this. I just kinda figured since they were supposed to shut down two years ago and then again a year ago that maybe they never would.

Um, I suck at guitar hero. Really. At least I rocked the Wii Golf. But royally sucked at guitar hero.

Um, I just got an email from American Airlines. They tell me they are ending their relationship with Kayak.com. Well that sure is stupid. They boast of making AA.com your one-stop-shop. The whole point of kayak is that it compiles all the fare information from all the sites. So, AA, by removing yourself from kayak, do you honestly think folks are going to make a special trip to your website? Well then, you must have taken the same Bad Business Decisions class as my firm management folks.

Yeah, way to bring it full circle.

That's all I got for now. What about you?