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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Spring Break DC - a little early

There is just something about law school that takes "work hard-play hard" to a whole new level. And there is just something about the journey to becoming a lawyer that coincides directly with the journey to becoming an alcoholic. I came to this realization last evening as I noticed my roommate sitting in a corner at my friend's party watching all the law school kids in horror (or perhaps pity) as we they took turns doing keg-stands into the wee hours of the morning. She is five years younger than me, but her gaze just screamed "grow up!" I really cannot explain how wrapping your fingers around the handles of a keg, having your feet hoisted in the air, and guzzling beer upside-down seems like a good idea at 3 in the morning.

UPDATE: While I was doing legal research for my memo due Thursday browsing the internet, I found this gem. In a post entitled "What's My Age Again?", Dennis says:

"But when the birthday girl's busy doing shots of Jaeger on top of her beers and then having to get walked home... well, really, how old am I? And is it strange that this happening to adults, practicing lawyers among them? Shouldn't we have learned by now to moderate our alcohol intake?" (emphasis added)

See, it IS a lawyer-lush thing!