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Friday, February 03, 2006

The Ballerina

I, too, am un-American this year, as I am skipping the Super Bowl. Shhh...don't tell my older brother.

In college, I was asked out by a guy who said "do you want to go to dinner this weekend?" Simple enough, except that I already had plans for Friday and Saturday. He said "then we'll go Sunday." Fabulous. Around Wednesday, older brother calls to see if I was going to his place on Sunday for the big party. Having no idea what he is talking about, I tell him I can't because I have a date. "A DATE?" he gasps. Gee, you don't have to sound shocked, I do have dates you know. He corrects himself "I meant, a date THIS SUNDAY? Law-Rah, you do know it's the Super Bowl, right?" Heh, I sure didn't. I am immediately pelted with questions like: What kind of guy takes a girl on a first date during the Super Bowl? What kind of guy doesn't watch the Super Bowl? What is wrong with him? Is this guy like into ballet or something?

So, at dinner, we are having a lovely time and I steer the conversation toward the big football game. He did know about it, which was in his favor. I mention that my brother was having a big party and we were invited to stop by. Of course, he agrees, saying he'd love to meet my brother. BIG MISTAKE.

By the time we arrive, the game is over and brother and all his friends are fairly intoxicated. They pry themselves away from the two girls kissing in the kitchen to come and meet my date. Of course, being the little sister, I now have four older brothers beaming questions at my date. It wasn't so bad until brother's roommate decides to turn the conversation to ballet. So, date, do you like ballet? Do you wear tights? Can you do this? Next thing I know a few of my brother's friends are drunkenly piroutting around the living room. I want to die at this point. While driving me home, date confesses, "your brother seems nice and all, and please don't take offense to this, but his friends are really strange, Law-Rah."

To this day, my brother and his college roommate call him "the ballerina".