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Friday, February 24, 2006

I'm the Mardi Gras queen!

Since I was apparently too "shy" about this the first time...I was asked to tell you again: I am the Queen of the Krewe of Louisiana. Granted, Wilson Blvd. is not quite St. Charles Ave. (the Virginians won't even let us drink on the floats) but, I do get to ride in the back of a convertible and wave around a scepter while wearing an insanely huge headpiece.

I should note that this Krewe is the oldest running Krewe in the Old Dominion and that the Clarendon parade is ranked 8th in the country. (And no comments from the peanut gallery about a lack of parades outside of Nola. We take what we can get!) The Krewe was recently featured in a story in the Times Picayune that also highlights an event earlier in the day put on by the DOD. After the hardest hit my state has ever taken, we are using this opportunity to show that the spirit of Louisiana will not fade.

The parade itself begins at Whole Foods at 8pm. The floats go up Wilson Blvd. to the Metro and back down Clarendon Blvd. Roads will be blocked off, so plan accordingly. For those interested, THE premier after party will be at Tallula's. Owner, Mike Babin, will be serving as King of the Krewe this year. More importantly, his restaurant will be serving gumbo, jambalaya, hurricanes, king cake, etc. I have had his jambalaya...it's good and I'm picky.

All this is going down Mardi Gras Day! That is Fat Tuesday. February 28th. Next Tuesday.

As Matt Chatell, organizer of the DOD event, says "Tuesday will be a day to celebrate and think of home, a time to raise a ruckus in purple, green and gold."

I will be colorful...will you?