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Sunday, February 05, 2006

A look ahead

I have a forty-page brief due on Friday for the International Moot Court Competition. There are a few small problems with this:

Um, neither my partner nor myself have taken an International Law class.


Topics to cover include systematic rape during a civil war, universal jurisdiction, and selling women into slavery...none of which I am even remotely familiar with.


Today is Sunday and I have read, researched, organized, etc...I still have yet to begin writing.


The rest of law school does not stop for this competition, therefore, I still have other obligations such as: to be prepared with a direct examination and cross examination for three different cases in Trial Advocacy...to be on deck for Corporations: Monday through Wednesday...to have a cold-calling professor for Admin: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday...to be on deck for Criminal Procedure on Wednesday.


Very little blogging & most probably very irritable mood.