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Friday, February 17, 2006

Blogosphere input needed

I'm back today and in need of some reader help!

I have this interview for this thing early next week. It's a group interview and we all know the question in advance. Each person has 2-4 minutes to "teach" the group something. Anything. Some examples are: how to breakdance or how to cook chocolate fondue. Before you say "Law-Rah, I'm not sure what you know how to do"...it's safe to assume the answer to that is "not very much."

Keep in mind, I will be teaching law school students...and "how to relax" is not an option.

So, loyal readers, if you wanted me to "teach" you something in 2-4 minutes, what would it be?

Ideas so far:
How to tie a tie.
How to play 52 card pick-up.
How to program a VCR. (I am so good at this:-)
How to make a flirtini. (I don't know how.)
How to make a ham and cheese hot pocket.
The Playaz Business Model.
How to create a non-profit.
How to tie-dye a t-shirt.
How to make an oragami animal.
How to make a paper airplane.
How to get a free credit report online.