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Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy Day

Everyone is sitting around talking about NOT talking about Valentine's day. Those who have plans are giggly. Those who don't are bitter. Some of us, though, some of us are pretty darn indifferent. Valentine's day has taken on many different meanings to me over the years. I have spent this day head over heals in love showered with gifts; I have spent this day crying because I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me; I have spent this day in love but not celebrating because it was the anniversary of his mother's death. It really all used to depend on the year.

That all changed three years ago when this little "angel" came along to change this day forever:

(Apparently my young niece is taking after me these days and is a bit more devilish than she was a few years ago.) So, today is not really Valentine's Day...it's Ann Marie's birthday!

In honor of her birthday and Valentine's day, I figured I'd post a picture of her and her "boyfriend" Caeser. And, for those of you not celebrating my niece's birthday, thought you might enjoy a funny card* I came across.

Have a great day!

*Thanks for the heads up, AI!