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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Save the Date!

This one is for my DC readers:

FEBRUARY 28, 2006!!!
FEBRUARY 28, 2006!!!
FEBRUARY 28, 2006!!!

For those of you who did not instinctively know what that day is, um, shame on you...it's Mardi Gras. You might be thinking "so, I don't live in Louisiana, it's not like I can celebrate here in the Metropolitan DC Area." Nonsense!

Granted, no one gets off work for this holiday (something I am still trying to come to terms with after four years), and granted, Wilson Boulevard is no Bourbon Street...but, hey, we work with what we got. I must admit, Northern Virginia puts on one helluva parade for being so far north. (Pause for a moment while certain DC-ers sigh about that faraway city across the river.)

Anyway, this year is a very special year and everyone (yes, that means you too) should attend this parade. The Krewe of Louisiana will be out in rare form this year. You should go to show your support for the rough times Louisianians have gone through this past year. You should go to see that the spirit of Louisiana is still strong and proud. You should go because we will throw you really good beads. But mostly, you should go to see me in a crown and cape because I was notified today that they seem to have elected me Queen of the Krewe!

HA! You had no idea I was royalty, did you?