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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Welcome D.C. Sports Chicklet!

Our very own little bitty D.C. Sports Chicklet arrived this evening, three weeks ahead of schedule. No surprise that this little one would pop out early considering the Caps are in the midst of some important games. Anyway, mom and dad are doing well (although truth be told mom sounded a little out of it when I talked to her;-) Look at Kalina Grace:

What a gorgeous little gal. I just can't wait dress her in all pink bows and frills to drive her daddy crazy.

Quick updates

Sorry for not keeping you loyal readers posted on my daily goings on. I realize this three-week blog down time is unacceptable but I'm going to need some extra time in my day to keep up over here. I have gotten a few emails asking how things are going so here are some quick updates...

Killer is doing just great. Surprisingly great. I had every intention of opening up and writing a long post about my unbreakable bond with this dog. I held off because I'm not sure how to present the story without hurting the feelings of some people I care about. I got a very nice letter last week from my mom talking about how she has been praying for Killer to find a good home for years and she realizes this is the answer. I can't explain how, but I always knew he'd be better off with me. Get a couple of drinks in me and I will likely sob to you about my Killer bond. But for now, I decided the story is not for blog-public consumption. He's doing great. I'm doing great with him here.

Next up: work. Guess what? I can't really talk about it. I will say that there are some changes a brewin' in my office. Changes that I, personally, feel (read: hope) will be beneficial to me and my career. However, there is just as great a chance they will be detrimental. So for now, I am just waiting out the storm with a 'make lemons out of lemonade' attitude.

So, about the car-buying. I test drove the Civic hybrid, Camry hybrid and Prius. It was surely down to the latter two but was a really tough call. Then, I made the adult decision (after consulting with my dad) to get my current gas guzzler fixed instead of buying a new car at this point. Although it was difficult to sink another $500 into a car only worth $1,000...I think it's worth the peace of mind to keep my savings in case the above referenced work (and economy) situation do not play out how I hope.

When I heard about the Delta/Northwest merger I had to laugh. 'Specially considering the 2.5 page letter I wrote to Delta had a line or two about them subcontracting me out to an inferior airline (Northwest). Shockingly, they did not seek out my opinion prior to the merger. No sweat off my back since I have already written both of them off.

This girl has been smoke free for 3.5 months. I have deemed myself her 'sponsor.' I wanted to publicly put her on a pedestal for what she is doing. I look back to when I quit almost four years ago and recall that it was one of the most difficult thing I ever went through. I applaud her and so should y'all.

I absolutely adore my apartment. I am excited for warmer weather to arrive here in DC so I can take advantage of my balcony and the garden terrace.

That's all that is going on with me. What about you?