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Thursday, February 23, 2006

More detailed re-cap

Things I learned at happy hour last night: (will be updated as memories trickle back)

It is not easy to slide down the handrails of the stairs at Lucky Bar.

Contrary to what some bloggers may think, the line "will you make out with me?" does not work on me.

Marci is so much fun!

Travis really does have a softer side.

Stef's highlights look great.

Miss M is hilarious. She colored her eyebrows purple.

People do not know DCSportsChick's husband's name.

The bartenders are more willing to sell drinks to the nice patrons, not the ones who shout "hey asshole, you are taking too long, give me a vodka-tonic"

I-66 is a nametag whore. (Still wondering who got to the bottom;-)

I will still not make out with you, even if you do carry my back pack for me.

After a few drinks, I can bring tears to Miss M's eyes with the toaster oven story.

BettyJoan has a quaint little blog family going: her boyfriend, her sister's boyfriend, and pretty soon, her sister.

EJ is still at my school! We should do lunch:-)

There seems to be an endless supply of latin-dance-floors around Lucky Bar.

Even if you buy my drinks, I will still not make out with you...but I think Marci wants to dance.

Favorite line of the evening: now that I know you better, I am going to photoshop you.

I had some really great conversations about the politics of linking and de-linking.

Travis can magically open garage doors in Georgetown.

We found EPH in DC!!!

Thanks, Nicole for summing up where we went last night: Lucky Bar --> 18th Street Lounge --> Cafe Citron --> Steve's Bar Room.

Check out some of the pics at Yeah So I'm and Sterfanie.