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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Greatest hits

The great thing about having a diary/journal/blog/etc. is that every so often you can go back to old entries and just laugh/cry/hurl/etc. I have a friend who only recently found out about WonL and so friend doesn't have to search through months of old postings (which I am sure friend would do;-) I figured I would just do a "favorites" re-cap. This gave me the opportunity to spend some time re-living past moments instead of studying. Much more fun, might I add. So, here goes:

One showing my emotional side

One showing my pissy side

One showing my mental side

One showing my interview side

One showing my HOT side

One showing my artistic side

One showing where my sarcastic side comes from

One showing my embarrassing side

Other (apparently) popular posts:

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Just in case you have not been around for all of my sides, feel free to re-live my past year+ with me!