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Monday, October 04, 2004

It's Monday...yet again

I contemplated whether or not to disclose the following information, but figured everyone could use a good Monday morning story...enjoy:-)

You know how sometimes you have days where nothing goes right and sometimes you have days where you are on top of the world. Today is the latter...I am feeling really good about myself and my day when I leave the house this morning. There is a chill in the air that allowed me to dip into my "winter clothes." For this, I am excited, and I dress up in a cute "flowy" skirt with tights. (Flowy in LB fashion terms being skirt that is not tight all the way down, but flares out.) I have not fit into this particular flowy skirt in a while, so that was nice too. So, I am walking to the metro with a smile on my face. I have my take-out Chinese leftovers in a bag for lunch, my book-sack isn't too heavy today, all my reading for the day is done, and my boss is not going to be in the office today. I am seriously on top of the world. So, about a block from the Metro, I notice the street is blocked off because there are window washers on that scary platform in the air. The first thing I do is look down to make sure you can't see down my shirt...okay, I'm good. So, I continue walking and they are all staring and whistling. I am thinking "uggghhh…these jerks are just not used to seeing professional women. I mean, don't they have something better to do. I want to yell at them to take a picture, it lasts longer. Now, they are getting each other's attention and pointing. I AM SO SURE...how annoying." So, then I walk in front of some windows and notice that my flowy skirt has in fact flowed all the way up and is resting comfortably in the small of my back, therefore, leaving my a** for the window washers to check out. ONLY ME!!!