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Friday, July 08, 2005

Perhaps not ALL southerners are polite

I try to be the nice southern girl most of the time. I will tell you, though, sometimes, the fiestiness gets the better of me.

Yesterday, I was approaching the corner to drive into my work parking garage when this little construction-worker-man standing in front of orange cones tells me I cannot turn onto that street. (Yes sir, I realize there is construction because you are finishing the building in which I work.) I politely explained to him that I work there and park in the garage of which the entrance is about 20 feet away. He actually puts his hand up in the air and does that little 'go away' motion as he tells me I will just have to drive around to come in from the other side of the street to the same garage entrance. Anyone who knows DC knows that there is no such thing as "around the block" cause every damn street is one way and they are never in the direction you need. I went to speak and he motioned me again while telling me "go away-traffic". A little irritated at this point, but I will get over it. I continue driving only to immediately hit a traffic light. As I sit in my car and ponder the meaning of life, I glance through the rear view mirror to notice my little Mexican friend moving the cones out of the way for someone to get through. Keep in mind, the only garage entrance near this man is into my building. Currently, the only tenant of that building is my law firm. He was not letting some construction worker person through. No, he was presumably letting one of my own co-workers through. Then, he let another one go.

Okay, if I cannot enter that street because of something wrong with the road, I can understand. I am not, however okay with selective admission onto the street I work. This is not a yuppie New York bar, you moron. You do not have the authority to decide who does and does not drive on a DC street. Not to mention, why was I shooed off and the others were not? At this point, my car makes a quick u-turn in the middle of the street and I go back to enter my parking garage street. He sees me and starts shaking his head 'no'. Dude, TRY ME! Since I am now on the other side of the street and will have to traverse a lane of traffic, I have a moment to gaze lovingly at my friend. He glares at me and never breaks eye contact as he walks over to put the orange cones back in my way. Seriously, try me! I move forward so I am now blocking any traffic that may come (luckily there is none).

Me: "move the cone"
him (in not perfect English): "I already told you..."
Me: "move - the - cone"
him: "look lady..."
Me: "you know this SUV can roll right over that cone"
him: (moves the cone) (mutters under his breath) "bitch"
Me: "I've been called worse...have a great day!" (as I mimic his little hand motion for 'go away')

Ooo, some people!