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Friday, January 07, 2005

Things to do...done!

Plugging away nicely at Things To Do list!

Registration is complete (oops-they had lost my paperwork)
Tuition still questionable (said they are sending another bill)
Reading assignments (partially done, will hit Erie Doctrine today)
Grades (not thinking about it)
Checkbook is balanced (as best as it could be)
Budget is done and ready for this semester
Bedroom is spotless
Last semesters LRW endless paperage is in the recycle bin
Other last semester stuff has been filed away (translation: thrown into a box)
New books purchased (happy to say they are tiny compared to last semester's monstrosities)
Clothes are washed and ironed
Groceries will be stocked up on this weekend
Bought doubles of everything I own to keep in my gym locker
Purchased a few birthday gifts for people this semester
Caught up on my reading of old "Student Lawyer" magazines (I get them once a month and read my first from last year yesterday)
Had dinner with two friends this past week and have Friday and Sat. plans with two other groups (to say my goodbyes)

When reading the above list, one may think I am perhaps going on a long vacation. Or, I could be preparing for the end of the world. Maybe, I am going into hiding for some unknown yet embarrassing reason. Obviously, I could have some terminal illness and am getting everything in order for the end. Perhaps I am preparing for an IRS audit. Nope, I am going back to law school! (Although this can easily be confused with any of the above.) I figure I can at least START OFF on the right foot. I will be taking wagers on how long this will last. Keep in mind, it did take me the full three week break to undo the mess that had become of things by the end of last semester. And this go round, I have added two classes to the mix.