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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Three week breakdown

I don't have time for Christmas this year. A law school friend broke it down for me: between semesters, we have 1) a week to catch up on things we haven't done in a while; 2) a week to relax; 3) a week to start prepping for next semester. Where does Christmas fit into this?

1) I guess buying presents can fit into the "catching up" part. I'm usually pretty good with gifts...until this year. First off, I have no money to spend here. With every gift I buy, comes the guilt of knowing that money is coming out of savings (which leads directly to the fear of knowing I will have less to live on next semester - and this semester wasn't too easy.) Aside from that, I just really didn't have time to be creative and think up really thoughtful things this Christmas. In fact, I really didn't have the time to browse around a store at all. Have no fear, being the ultra-responsible person that I am, I thought this all through in advance. I knew I would have no time or energy when this week rolled around, so I have been "spot gift buying" all semester. Everytime I noticed something cute and cheap, I bought it thinking I could give it to SOMEONE for Christmas. The problem came in last night, when I laid it all out to make sure I was covered. Well, I hope Mom enjoys the tie and my grandparents enjoy the Pocket Karma Sutra, because I am out of time - my flight leaves tomorrow and I have dinner plans tonight.

2) You must be kidding! Christmas in no way shape or form fits into "relaxing" in my world. Between the stress of buying gifts, figuring out how to fit everything in my luggage, flying across the country (thank God for airport bars) and of course the ultimate stress of family time...this is not relaxing for me. Although, the two bottles of red wine did help to relax my brother and I this past weekend at Christmas with Mom's side of the family. I must think of something much stronger for Dad's side. We are doing Christmas in Texas at older brother's house and going to be fitting more people in that house than should possibly fit including a toddler and four dogs under 10 pounds each. There ain't a damn thing relaxing about that. (I must say, that at least it won't be 14 degrees, cause DC is freaking cold right now!!!)

3) The last category is intriguing. Christmas does not actually fit into school prep time, but school prep time is finding it's way into the other two categories. To all of my classmates who are emailing me about "have you bought your books yet" or about student loan crap or "did you get your schedule for next semester". Please give me this week not to think about any of it! Bought my books? I have not even taken my other books out of my car from this past semester. Perhaps it is important for me to find out when I have classes next semester for the whole "job" thing...nah.

So, depsite my lack of time, energy, creativity, or anything else, I will now go make a Happy Holiday's card for the constituents in my section. Because with all the whining I do and dread I have building up for my Christmas, I really hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmakah!!!