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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Grades & Only in Louisiana

Two unrelated posts rolled into one:

NO, I DO NOT HAVE MY GRADES YET! It's funny how that is everyone's first question. "Well, how'd you do?" Just fine, thanks! (I assume they wanted more substance in the reply like "I got a 4.25") I received word that grades will not be out until AT LEAST January 21st. This is good for a few reasons. First, I have a bit more time before my fate is actually sealed. Second, I am not obsessively checking the website for my grades...yet. Most importantly, I have some time to formulate a good response to the "so, how'd you do" question. I may just take Lawschoolinsider's line: "I will not divulge my grades, lets just say I faired better than most, but still did not meet the expectations I had set for myself."

So, I have spent DAYS gathering music and organizing my IPOD. I love this thing! It is the most ingenious way in which to tune out the world. (I formerly thought that title should go to being deaf, but then you don't get to listen to music.) Anyway, I have acquired so many songs from CDs and friends that I have not actually had the chance to listen to all of them. This makes things really interesting when I am somewhere in a crowd, a funny song comes on, and I can't help but laugh aloud. Good thing half of DC is crazy, so I fit it. This morning on the Metro, I came across one of the songs off my Cousin's CD. He sings Zydeco down in LA and I got his first CD as part of my Christmas present. I don't have the songs named yet, so it stands as "Track 17". The song starts off really nice...drums...accordion...then Drew begins singing. Wait, what the hell did he just say?

"She's pretty but she got a camel toe,
she's pretty but she got a camel toe,
she's pretty but she got a camel toe,
buy that woman a skirt-woo!"

It goes on to say "take those Wrangler's off yo' ass" and more. I was laughing so hard on the Metro, I know everyone was wondering what I was doing in that seat all by myself. Only in Louisiana would someone write a song about a "genital affliction". Now, I can't get this one out of my head (and it's worse than the llama song) Note...that was for those that missed it the first time!