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Monday, January 03, 2005

Prepping for school

Thus far, everything is going according to my grand plan. I have had a wonderful break with a bit of relaxing time (which is nice). Aside from the fact that LSU managed to ruin my relaxation time on the first day of 2005...everything else is going smooth sailing. I made it through the holidays in one piece and actually did have time to get gifts for everyone. My travel was actually quite nice: no delays, no lost luggage, even got bumped to first class once. So, Christmas...check! Catching up on everything...check! Relaxing...check! This leaves prepping for school. OH CRAP...SCHOOL STARTS IN ONE WEEK!

Couple of problems here:

1) I am still not registered for the right classes. This is something beyond my control, as the school registers us automatically. As One Ls, we have no say. We are put into a "section" and take all our classes with the same people for the first year. My section was split in half: some staying put and some who will be tranferring into the full time program. That would be me. Um, except that they still have me registered for part time. Easy fix...I'll just show up for those extra classes:-)

2) Although they were mailed out weeks ago, I still haven't gotten my bill for tuition. It's not like I actually have $16,000 laying around to pay it anyway, so I'm not stressing too much, although I probably should be. While on the subject of money, I haven't received any loan info either. Perhaps they just keep everything the same? I guess I should make a few phone calls today.

3) I keep reading other law school blawgs about everyone having finished their first week reading assignments. Well, I did get most of my books out of my car this weekend. (It's a good start) However, my school still has not posted the assignments on our "portal." I may be missing some other method of knowing what I am supposed to have read and be prepared for, but I think not. I think I will just watch the Sugar Bowl tonight. I do need to go buy my books for next week, but since I haven't pinned down my new schedule, I don't know what books I will need. I guess I need to figure that out.

4) This one is good. I haven't received my last semester grades yet. Apparently, this is normal and I will not be receiving them until February. So, can I assume then that I did not fail anything? Of course! This is law school. They told me at orientation that "the hardest part of law school is getting in". That would mean that as long as I got in, which I apparently did, then I will always pass, right? YAY! (I did have a NIGHTMARE last night that I got a "C" in Contracts.)

So, now after putting it in writing, I realize I have no more time to talk today. I must go make sure I will still be a law school student next week!