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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The dreaded New Years Eve

I say dreaded, because over the past two years, New Years Eve has not been so steller for me. In fact, it is working it's way to being my least favorite holiday. (Note: The award for my least favorite formerly went to Valentines day...more to come in February:-) This holiday tends to bring out the best in me and being the drama queen that I am, there is never a dull moment. For some reason, I have left NYE parties the past two years in tears. Of course, I now know it was because I spent my valuable time with COMPLETELY the wrong person.

In 2002/3, I spent NYE with the boyfriend who was moving overseas in January. We both knew the relationship would not work beyond that, but figured we would enjoy the time we had left together. One small problem...he annoyed me. (Okay, maybe we annoyed each other.) Furthermore, the night really consisted of all our mutual friends watching to see how we acted. I could hear the "aw, poor thing, I wonder how she is handling it" all night. Regardless, emotions between the two of us were pretty high and things were tense and this lead to a fight shortly after midnight. Did I mention that the fight sprung out of the fact that he had left the party to go pick someone up, forgetting to tell me, and was not even there to kiss me at midnight. Amazingly, that NYE wasn't TOO bad.

2003/4 makes for a much better story. I was going to a party with many of the same people at the same house as the year before. I found out through the grapevine that one of my friends had gone against my wishes and invited EX who was in town from overseas. (Mind you, the hostess of the party specifically said she had no intention of inviting him to avoid any awkwardness.) This should be interesting. It was okay, though, because I had a new boyfriend (BF) and wasn't worried about the ex. This new boyfriend was a lawyer who had just gotten his LLM from G-town...ooo. He was the cutest little Texas guy who was polite, social, could hold his own in any conversation and could really work a room. We walk in and BF knew most of the people in the room. I had been trying to figure out how exactly one is supposed to introduce the BF to the EX...luckily, BF was social enough to introduce himself to the people he didn't know. I'm mingling and he's mingling and at this point there are only about 15 people there, so of course, everyone is watching to see how this will pan out. I decide that's all I can do as well, so I grabbed a drink and decided to watch along. This is a small apartment and they are bound to meet. BF makes his way over to EX and starts a conversation. At that point, it was much like that part of Weird Science where they walk into the Jazz bar and everything gets silent. The chatter eventually started again. Apparently, in the ten or so minutes that they talked, EX did not mention his name. BF approaches me and we get drinks and are chatting when he asked who that guy was. I said "um, that's EX". That was the last I heard from BF for hours. In fact, I saw smoke coming from his shoes as he raced back in EX's direction. For some reason, he felt the need to plant his ass on the sofa next to EX and become best friends. They talked for almost the rest of the night. I stayed at the drink table. Over the next few hours, every single person that I knew at that party (which had now gotten fairly large) just had to say "wow...that's strange, doesn't that make you feel uncomfortable?" And those that I didn't know would approach me, introduce themselves, and say "yeah, I heard that's your ex and your current, what is up with that?" So, me and a few other girls tried diversion tactics to split the boys up before things got bad. (Not that things would get "bad"...it's just weird.) We tried everything. The last straw was when I went and sat on BF's lap saying "oh, I see you two have met." At which point, BF says "yeah, so can you go get us some drinks?" AAAAAAAAAAA...are you kidding me? When the clock struck midnight, BF actually would not kiss me because EX was standing next to us and it was awkward. WHAT???? Let me tell you about awkward!

So, to recap, last two years:
same party, same people, boyfriend (of some sort) present, no kiss at midnight, fight or fight and break-up...fun times:-)

This year, I'm going to do it right... First off, I have no intention of leaving my house, everyone will have to come to me (which is okay, because we are having a party.) Second, no boyfriend to muck up my night. Third, probably still no kiss at midnight. But most importantly, no drama!