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Saturday, December 25, 2004

I stand corrected

I was wrong when I said Christmas would not fit into my relaxing time. This year, I got left alone for Christmas. Wait...not in a bad way like the time my family accidentally left me at McDonalds in New Mexico***. This was a good left alone. I did all the family stuff last weekend and we had Christmas morning here at my brother's in Houston. (By the way, it SNOWED in Houston last night...that's crazy!) Anyway, after we watched niece open all her Santa gifts this morning, everyone split to do their own thing. Due to circumstances including the weather and my immense need for down time, I stayed here. I stayed here ALL BY MYSELF (singing Bridget Jones:-) First, I gained five pounds by digging into the leftovers. Then, I played online poker which has become my new obsession. (I also learned how to say Merry Christmas in Hawaiian from the guy who thought the hand was his until he saw my flush ace high!) Then I took a nice long bath in one of those gigantic bathtubs with a heater and a glass of Shiraz. Now, I am going to spend the next few hours of my life loading all of my brother's good music onto my new Ipod. I feel like life does not get much better than this. So, to anyone reading this on Christmas, I hope y0ur day is as relaxing as mine and Mele Kalikamaka!

***note to mom...see, I didn't even use the time you left me in the driveway when I was two:-)