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Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Back in DC, back at work, back in the swing of things.

On Work:
Being back at work with no school means that I get to catch up on things I need to do like my resume, balancing my checkbook, etc. I have a lot of free time at work. On the day after my last exam, NB took me to lunch and said "now that school is out for a while, I'm going to need you to, um, do some work." My job really isn't difficult. I come in at 10am and turn all the lights on. I check the messages and write them on those little pink slips. (Usually about one message per week.) I change the date on the postage meter, then I grab myself a cup of coffee (already made by co-worker who gets in earlier) and sit to read the paper. If something is faxed, I put it into the corresponding persons folder. (Don't actually have to leave the chair for that one.) Perhaps once a week, I have to FedEx something. Oh, and when the mailman comes, I take the mail out of his hand and bring it to NB, since he likes to sort it. That being said...not to much to do, so I was intrigued by NB's request. I said "Sure thing...what do you have in mind?" He told me of the once yearly filing switch-over. (Take everything out of their folders, put them in a box, and put the folders back into the file cabinet.) I think I can handle that, um, in about an hour.
Upon arriving back at work today, NB tells me he has some bad news. JB wants to hire his daughter (the one I replaced as receptionist) back over the break to do the filing. He says "I know how forward you were looking to doing the filing, but you will just have to continue to play on the internet." Hence the time I have for this post! (What a joke of a job:-)