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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Common Sense

Back to my theory that the more I studied, the less room I had for common sense during exams. I offer you some proof throughout my weeks:

1) Ever seen Dude Where's My Car? The premise is that the guy got so drunk the night before, he couldn't find his car the next morning. Well, one day of exams, I got ready for work (this means pack the bookbag, load computer, grab notes, oh yeah, get dressed, etc.) Anyway, I walked outside, turned to lock the door, turned around to find my car was not there. I drive to the Metro every day and apparently, had forgotten to pick my car up the night before. This had nothing to do with drinking and everything to do with a long study group.

2) When dealing with the dicovery phase of a trial, there are many tactics you can use to get information from the other party. You can DE-POSE parties, witnesses, etc. and ask them a bunch of questions trying to make your case. You can also force the other side to DIS-CLOSE certain information that should be made available to all. However, (contrary to what my notes say), you can never DIS-POSE of witnesses. I guess it all just starts to run together at some point. (So, perhaps I am the only one that thinks this is funny. In fact, I laughed about it for a good ten minutes:-)

3) On the day of my last exam, boss told me he'd order me food. Nice gesture, except this really means I have to go around and get orders and place the phone call to actually order the food. Really don't have time for this...would rather starve. Anyway, I pick up the phone and call. It starts ringing, just as someone calls in on our other line. Being the receptionist and all, I am supposed to answer that. However, I am busy and figure if I don't answer maybe they will go away. Nope, the second line is still ringing. And why the hell isn't Cafe Asia picking up? Perhaps because I have used the main line to call myself. Who said you can't be in two places at once? I was actually pissed at the person on the other line who wouldn't hang up and pissed at the person who wouldn't answer my call.

If I think of any more, I'll add them...just can't really remember exam week.