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Friday, December 17, 2004


I have no idea how to feel right now excetp...drunk!~ Oka,, I will ty to prrofread this when I 'm done, but not promises:-) I just finished my first semseter of law school!!!!!!!!!!! This is sthe most surreal feeling ever. FIrst off...I feel like I totally rocked that test. Then again, everyone I spok with felt the same way. Sobering up (tHANKS Wendy's:-) Okay, I am going to tell you about thetest tomorrow. Now, let me tell you this...there is a whole lot going throught my head right now, but before I foreget...there are some people I want to thank right now:

-the very nice guys who let me have their cab cause I didn't fell like wiathing 18minutes for the orange line and some dude in my class gave me $125 cash tonight and so I had money to spare, so got a cab

-I wanna thank Prof. Smith (totally not a code name). I took a HUGE chance. Folkes in my study group were really worried about "Discovery". For some reasn, I felt he wasn't going to put it on the test, so i didn't worry about it. TO TALLY NOT ON THE TEST!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-third, I wanna thank anyone who actually come hoem tonight and read this. Feel special, I have every intention of deleting this tomorrow. Therfore, you should feel special for having the oopportunity to read it in the first place.

I'M GOING TO BED NOW! Someday I hpe yu get the cahnce to live like you were dying! Man,/i love Tim:-)