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Friday, December 17, 2004

Done (and sober)

Upon prodding by a friend, I shall leave last night's post up. If anything, it's just funny. Okay, so, I have pretty much no coherent thoughts left. Or maybe I have plenty, but no energy to organize them. I LOVED that CivPro exam. (And yes, I do realize that makes me certifiably insane.) The exam was a situation in which I knew pretty much every single possible thing and it was merely a test to see if I could get it all out. Anyone who knows me knows what a pro I am at spewing information in every direction (whether it matters or not). Seriously, 3 hours of rambling via typing-AWESOME!

I feel really good today. Things are a lot brighter. Partially because the sun is shining and the temperature in DC doubled since yesterday (from 20 to 40). But, there are other reasons for my brightened attitude:

a) I have "successfully" completed my first semester of law school.
b) To quote a study group friend "for the first time this semester, I am not behind".
c) I did not have to bring a book sack (or back pack or whatever you yankees call it) with me today.
d) I can do the WashingtonPost crossword puzzle.
e) I don't have to read a case for weeks!

Everyone keeps saying, I bet you feel this HUGE weight has been lifted. Um, sorta. I still have a running things to do list. In fact, I have a "things to catch up on before I even get to the things to do" list. This inicludes the normal daily functions I have missed out on lately...namely:

1) sleeping
2) going to the gym (gotta lose the 5 pounds I gained these 2 weeks)
3) vaccumming the hair off the floor in my room (and don't say gross...girls shed, it's inevitable!),
4) washing clothes
5) spending time with friends I miss
6)Best of Craigslist
7) Christmas shopping

With all that I do have to do, there are two things I am NOT going to do...
First, stress about what grades I made in my classes. Second, I will not think about the fact that I have my first assignment of my second semester due in 25 days.

Looking at the format of this post, I realize I have been outlining WAY too much.