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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Convo with NB

This is an actual conversation I had with my boss today...

Him: Will you be in tomorrow?
Me: Yes, but tomorrow night is my last exam. I will be here physically, but not sure about mentally.
Him: So you WILL be coming in?
Me: um...yes. However, I will not be able to do any work, as I will need to study.
Him: That's fine, I just have one thing I will need you to do.
Me: hmm...then perhaps I will NOT be coming in tomorrow.
Him: I promise, it's small.
Me: How small? This will determine whether or not I will be here tomorrow.
Him: Well, I need you to take a few documents and attach them to an email so I can send them to someone.
Me: I will be here tomorrow.

Lesson #1: It's a miracle I have not gotten fired.
Lesson #2: Some people really are computer illiterate.
Lesson #3: Damn, my job is easy!