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Monday, November 15, 2004

Quick Vacation

I love having friends come in town. I get to play tour guide and do all of the touristy things that I don't make time for in my own life. This weekend, a sorority sister from Louisana (now living in Boston) came and stayed with me. Only twice did I do any law school stuff. This is not including taking her to see school. What a gorgeous weekend. It was funny, because by the end of the weekend, she was getting sick and probably would've been happy just sitting at my house. No way, dude! This is vacation!!! I made her truck it all over the city. I think I was just so thrilled not to be reading cases that I felt like the energizer bunny as I made her walk across the Key Bridge with me after shopping in G-town and on the way to meet up with friends. It was really nice to sit around and catch up with her. She keeps in touch with a lot of folks back home that I don't, so it was nice to hear what is going on. It was also really nice for the two of us to pat ourselves on the back for getting the heck out of there. You know how it is when you leave a small town and it all just stops? No one changes and nothing keeps going and that makes you realize that when you were there, you weren't really going anywhere either. Some people have it in their blood to love that life and there is nothing wrong with that. On the other hand, some people really don't have the mental capacity to sit tight. I think Dani is somewhere in between. I am so proud of you for following your dreams DB! I hope wherever you end up in after December, you are happy. But mostly, I hope that they start paying flight attendants more money!