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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The Pres.

Today marks the third Presidential Election I have voted in. Today marks the first time I have ever had a warm feeling in my heart knowing that I am actually exercising my right as an American. Between the events of Sept. 11 and living in our nation's capital, I really do see things differently. I think it also has to do with the people I have met since living here. I actually have friends who don't have the privilege of voting in this country. That is unheard of in my life and it took that to make me see that this is actually a privilege. If I could sing, I would be busting out “Proud to be an American” right about now.

To me, part of being an American is supporting our President (whoever it may be). In my first election ever, I voted for Bill Clinton. I also supported him when he led our country. I did not agree with everything he said or did, but come on, I don’t think there is a person on Earth with whom I would agree wholeheartedly. That is not what matters…what matters is that as part of my patriotic duty, I think it is extremely important to remember that America elected to put the President into office and the President is working for America. I am really sick of hearing anti-Bush (or anti-President for that matter) talk. To me, this election has not at all been about what the opposing candidates could do, it has merely been about how to beat out the President. That sickens me! Everyone keeps talking about how other nations see us…well, right now, we are the group that elects someone to lead them and then doesn’t even stand behind that person.

I hope things are different in this election. Inevitably, approximately half of the country will not get their first choice of candidates. SUCH IS LIFE in this election! I think we should all be given a week or so to get over it (drink, cry, scream, whatever)…then, go back to being AMERICANS and support our leader. Don’t get me wrong, if Kerry wins, I am sure I will be in a bad mood for a while. Then, I will bow my head and pray that he makes honest decisions based on the best interest of this country and based on a long-term safer world to live in, as my current President has done.