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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The other side of work

The minute I write the post about how wonderful my work lunch was, JB pisses me off. He does this thing that really annoys me. Okay, he does a lot of those. Aside from being a pompous, overbearing, demeaning, name-dropping, rank-pulling JERK...um...well, that's it. That's all there is to him. Anyway, he has this annoying habit of throwing his trash at me. I am talking anything from candy wrappers, to junk mail, to faxes from people he doesn't like. It doesn't matter that there are about SIX trash cans within the near vicinity of my desk. Oh no, he likes to throw his crap at me or onto my desk. Perhaps I am strange, but I don't find this in the least bit cute. (Maybe about as cute as someone putting ice cream on my face.) Anyway, the first few times he did it, I threw away his trash. Then, I started telling him "you know there is a trash can right there"? He would not respond...only walk away. I decided on a different approach. Today, after he threw his mint wrapper onto the book that I am in the process of reading and highlighting, I decided to throw it on the floor. Yep, so now his mail, faxes, food, and anything else he feels the need to throw at me will end up on the floor. Real simple for me, all I have to do is push it about a foot and it's off of my books:-) I think this should work just fine.