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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Bishop Sullivan

That WAS the name of my high school. I hated that school. I remember whining to my parents for four years and they just chalked it up to me complaining. (hmph...can't imagine). It wasn't until my younger brother got kicked out of school for playing with himself that they realized something was wrong (I mean with the school). I shifted between public and private school from K through 12 and TRUST ME, there was a heck of a lot more immoral things going on in the Catholic school. I saw more drugs, sex, and deceit at Bishop even though the public middle school I attended had frequent bomb scares. There was so much corruption, there was even some instance where some chick ran around a parking lot naked hopped up on something, but the poor child "must have been pressured". Being the guidance counselor's daughter and all...she would've never gotten into that on her own. ANYWAY! She still came back to win Athlete of the Year or something in the school. I guess that record time of her naked Albertson's sprint really impressed the school officials. Seriously, though, there was a ton of corruption. I got out of the school just what I needed, great grades and a high class rank because pretty much everyone was dumb!

I had a point to this. Oh yeah...so, Mom calls this morning to tell me they are changing the name of my high school. Apparently, the Catholic priest scandals have hit home. I am no wealth of knowledge on molestation or anything, but something does not sit right with me. What bugs me about all of this is that this guy is going to come forward and claim to have been molested by a priest 29 years ago...this priest having been dead for over 20 years! The guy cannot even defend himself. What an easy target. Maybe when I am a lawyer, I can head down south and defend my church. I can tell them there is no need to settle every case. Their reputation is already a bit more than tainted, so why not fight it! The current Bishop "publicly apologized and offered 'profound regret' for the alleged acts." ALLEGED ACTS! They are not even admitting to anything, as they should not be anyway. Why not leave it at that? If this "victim" wants to persue this, let him have the burden of prooving it! (Perhaps had we taken that route, the Salem witch trials would've gone a bit differently.) I bet if this guy knew that he would have to provide evidence of molestation by a very revered man who has been dead for decades, he may not have been so quick to cry wolf for a quick buck.