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Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Mock Trial was this past weekend. I had the most amazing time! As a first semester student, I am not eligible to compete, but was recruited to be a witness. I figured this would be great experience to see if this is something I would be interested in doing. Little did I know when I signed up, that witnesses have to prep as much as lawyers. Not to mention, I was the "lady lawyer who had an affair with Brad Pitt, got him fired, then got caught by my husband naked in Florida with my boss, but swear I am not having an affiar." HA...even I didn't believe my own story. Anyway, being in the DC Superior Courthouse was cool. I am going to be a lawyer and the only other time I have been in court was for a speeding ticket when I was fourteen. As a witness, I had to be sworn in and take the stand and the whole nine yards. To me, though, that was not the most intriguing part. I was just in awe watching these second year students argue this case. There were times that I wanted to jump up and object "your honor, defense counsel is bringing up things that were supressed in pre-trial motions." It's amazing how mentalling stimulating it was. Furthermore, it was not hard to follow the rules and case law, even though I hadn't done any research. I watched 'N' (one of the lawyers on my team) and could see that sparkle in his eye when he got up to speak. He would stand in front of the judge and start slow, then once he got speed, he cracked this little smile, because he knew he was captivating the audience. I want to do that! I had such a good time watching the trial and can't wait until I am in their shoes. I think I will try out next semester (add it to my already full plate). It was such a rush!