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Thursday, October 14, 2004

JB's apology

Okay, JB is redeeming himself lately. He was really mean last week. Granted, he had reason to be in a bad mood, as he spent a few days in Dover receiving bodies from Iraq. That being said, if you are in THAT foul of a mood...please do not spread the joy to the rest of us. I was the punching bag and doormat all in the same day. At one point, I curtailed my spending again, thinking I would be purposefully availing myself to unemployment again by the end of the week. I went home last weekend really wondering how to handle this. So, on Tuesday, JB came in and apologized for being mean. Granted, it wasn't a heartfelt sappy one, but for him, it was huge. Today, to further request forgiveness, he took me to lunch at Sam and Harry's. (Maybe it had nothing to do with apologizing and everything to do with the fact that he only attends fine dining establishments for lunch and wanted company.

SAH's is an amazing restaurant. I had never been there, as I never really could afford it and never had anyone to take me there. Gotta tell ya, it is even a better experience when you go with a prominent DC figure and they totally kiss his *ss. The maitre 'd spent a half hour at our table discussing last night's debate and recommending good red wines. We were forty minutes late for our reservation, yet he had held the table near the window for us, because he knew JB liked to watch the people walk by and make fun of them...and we did! Pretty cool, too, that he knew one in five people that walked by. So, all in all, the job seems to be working out. I feel like a kid in a candy store in this world. Funny that I am working as a receptionist (lowest employment rank since I worked at a pizza place in high school)...yet I am being financially subjected to things far greater than I have ever experienced.

JB said today "isn't this a life you would like? We only dine at 4 star restaurants, play on E-bay all day, never work a full week, and get treated like gods." I don't know if that is the life I would like to lead forever, but as a law school student...I could surely get used to this!!!