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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

And the votes are in...

When I first started doing this blogging thing, it was a bit hard. I felt like I really didn't have enough interesting things to say (imagine that!) Now, I realized I have too much to say. My how quickly things in life can speed up. I am on this train moving and I am just watching everything FLY BY!

I love my new job. Wow...what a difference between the worlds of design and law. In my first week at the law firm, I got treated to lunch twice (and it's only a 3 person firm). In my THREE years at the architecture firm, um...I occasionally went out to lunch-at Wendy's-and paid myself! These people really do treat you to the "better things". This has also made me realize I really like this! I forgot how much I missed dressing up everyday, although the 10 block walk from work to school in heels is not fun. I forgot how much I missed the livliness of the streets of DC, aside from those damn "do you wanna help elect Kerry?" people on every corner. I could really get used to this. Remind me, some other time to tell you about the folks I work with!

These past few months of relaxing and being somewhat laid back as a part time student that doesn't work have made me realize something...I am just not good at relaxing. I go crazy with boredom if my days are not filled with stress. I have too much time to think and I can come up with some stupid stuff. If I am not extremely busy with various activities, I am not me! Not saying it's a healthy lifestyle, but I realize it's just how I am. That being said, this leads directly to my latest endeavor...drumroll please...

After weeks of intense campaigning (okay, really, just a newspaper article and a speech) I have been elected as the Senator of my class for the SBA. This is the law shool version of the student government. Yay...my first political campaign! Watch out Hillary in 2008...I'm heading your way!

I'll update more later, extremely exhausted right now and have another long day ahead of me:-)

By the way, Dad...I know you are in Africa and are probably not reading this, but happy birthday anyway!