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Monday, September 20, 2004

No more vacation

Succumbing to peer pressure and lack of funds, I have decided to get a job. I found what may very well be the perfect job. I am going to work part time for a law firm as their (for lack of a better word) receptionist. Some folks have been telling me I am a bit overqualified to answer phones. Hell, I am. On the other hand, after this, when will I ever again be afforded the opportunity to work at a fairly thoughtless job. The hours are part time. It's an extremely small office, so they swear the phone doesn't ring often. They specifically told me I could bring my books and do my school work. So far, so good? Here's the kicker, they are paying me almost what I was making as a designer in an arch. firm after THREE YEARS! Plus, I get 6 wks. pd vacation, and they also pick 10 random Fridays or Mondays to make long holiday weekends. Best of all, the two men that run the place are crazy. (Crazy in a good way.) They are extremely sarcastic and fun. I had a really good time in the interview and even popped back with a few witty comments of my own. Old co-worker actually gave me some really good advice: just take the job for what it is. I think I will do just that...I am getting paid to study! (Although I do have to dress up) Anyway, they offered me the job last Monday and after discussing my options with my career development officer, I accepted their offer. I did tell them I couldn't start for two weeks, as I am on vacation!