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Tuesday, October 05, 2004


I have two bosses…JB tells me Law School is worthless, he was bottom of his class and he is doing fine. (yet, he makes sure to add into every convo that he went to an Ivy League school) NB seems genuinely interested in my success as a law school student. He also likes to give me advice and tell me about how it was when he was in school. NB finished his first year as #6 in the class…pretty impressive. So, today, he tells me what I should do in order to get A’s. He said “I read the Casebooks (assigned by Prof), read Gilbert’s summaries and outlines, read Cans, never missed a day of class, and re-wrote my class notes every evening.”

DEAR LORD! I am being assigned 120+ pages per week in the Casebooks alone. How in the heck am I supposed to “supplement” the reading that I am barely keeping up with? Furthermore, some of these supplemental readings are longer than the corresponding reading in the casebooks. In fact, some of the books themselves are larger than the assigned books. Let’s step back and use some logical reasoning here…who in their right mind goes to class, gets the syllabus with the required reading, purchases the books, then goes out and buys other books with all of the same stuff, just easier to read? Apparently, everyone!!! As of this afternoon, I have spent more money on supplemental materials than I have spent on the required materials. I think it’s a “law school book writer” conspiracy. They know we can barely understand the Casebooks, so they write their own translated versions so we will buy them. Why not just make the translated version the required reading? So, as to NB's equation of how to get A’s…um, I haven’t yet missed a class (good start, right:-)