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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Funny Story

Our I.T. guy came into the office to check our computers yesterday. I cannot believe they pay this man so much money to come in every month and run a virus scan. Meanwhile, I run virus scan, scan disk, disk defrag. and AdAware bi-monthly. Hmmm...perhaps I should take up a new career. KIDDING MOM! Anyway, I get annoyed when he comes in because he tries to be all flirty and I can't really understand him very well. So yesterday he looks at me and says "You got a lot thicker. Last time I saw you, you were thin. Now you are thick." Okay...there are just so many things wrong with that. (Aside from the fact that I get that from my grandma every Christmas.) Anyway, my blood began to boil and I just looked up and rudely said "WHAT?" Mind you, I really did not want him to repeat it. Anyway, he said "your reading...you have done so much...thicker part read than last time when it was thin." Aaaahhhh, good thing I held my composure, otherwise, I would've completely torn into this poor clueless guy.