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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Did I crack?

In architecture school, during our Thesis, the professors bet on who would crack first. Yay...I won! I will never forget that day, either. We had some visiting professor from Canada come in and critique us. For whatever reason, I was chosen as one of two to present my work. That man tore me apart. After that, I went outside to smoke a pack of cigarettes and vent. There was a group all sitting around trying to cheer me up and I then got hit in the face with a vollyball. (random) That just made me lose it. I spent the next hour balling my eyes out and releasing all the stress. Hector (teacher) just laughed. He said this happens to everyone. (Although I will admit that it was not as bad as seeing B's reaction when he woke up to find that he had fallen asleep and crushed part of his final model.)

And then there's law school. Some of those people are really starting to crack. In speaking with some full time folks last night, they are really freaking out. I promised myself from day one that I would not crack this time. Then came yesterday. Co-worker is dealing with the two year anniversary of her mother's death. There is an extreme parallel in that situation to the death of my grandmother this past January. We talked about that for a while...sad. Then, at school, I had to admit to Prof. that I was not prepared for class...just sealed my fate! Afterwards, school friend BIT MY HEAD OFF for no reason. He said he was really stressed out. With all the stuff going on at school, I missed my best friend's birthday. Guess I have to get a new card, as I had signed it "so glad I get to spend this day with you." To make everything worse, I got home to find an old friend was killed in a car accident. He was really MJ's friend (and boss) and I know how close he was to that man. I think MJ always looked at him as a father. He was always so nice to me. I called MJ to offer my condolences and he really didn't want to talk to me. That felt really good. So, I cried. I grabbed a beer and balled my eyes out. I don't think I was cracking because of the school pressure, but maybe I was. Who knows. All I know is yesterday sucked! Today is another day:-)