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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

How to handle Chemerensky

I had been warned about this guy. I was told that I would sit in a classroom for 7 hours over two days while he regurgitated the outline he had memorized (an outline I have printed in front of me). I find this method of learning doesn't suit me very well.

The first main problem is the "reading straight from the handouts" issue. I find it a general waste of time to be given the information in hard copy and then sit for four hours while someone reads it to you. Someone who speaks at a muuucchhhh slowwwwer paaaaace than it takes you to type.

Second problem is that while I do appreciate the effort to organize the information into outline format, I need that to be in my computer, not in a 44-page handout sitting next to my computer. Over the next few weeks, I will be learning the law in this outline by bolding, highlighting (possibly re-organizing) and condensing the information. That is not so easy to do in "workbook" form without using scissors and Elmer's glue.

I was really dreading today. I figured if nothing else, I could hopefully make some progress during class typing in the 44 pages of notes. I wanted to give Chemerensky a chance but knew I could always leave and type my notes up at home. Upon arrival, my very best Barbri friend in the whole wide world gave me a digital copy of the the very handout sitting next to me. I spent the next four hours with Chemerensky in the background reading* while I bolded, highlighted, and condensed that outline already in my computer. Got the notes down to 10 pages and now get to take tomorrow off. That, my friends, is how to handle Chemerensky :-) Oh happy day!

*To give the man credit, he doesn't actually read the outline...because he has all 44 pages memorized.

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