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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

50% ain't bad considering...

Dear BarBri (who needs to get your sh*t together),

I am a bit angry and confused with you right now. You taught me criminal law and criminal procedure for the Multistate portion of the Bar. This is the NON-state-specific part. Okay, got it. Learned it. Worked lots of questions.

Then, you gave me a graded practice crim. law essay to do last week. You told me how important the practice essay was to determine my progress and abilities. I took it seriously. I "studied" first. I timed myself. I wrote in "CRAC" format.

I got my grade back today and your grader told me that my defense is not actually available under Virginia Criminal Law. Furthermore, my grader asked me why I didn't discuss arguments the Commonwealth would bring up.

Um, well...could that possibly be that I worked this essay LAST WEEK and we will not learn Virginia Criminal Law until TOMORROW?


Irritated at your inability to schedule,

P.S. I'd also love to know why your "Average Grades and Common Errors" online that are allegedly specific to OUR essay are actually the grades and errors for the Civ. Pro. essay, which we have not done yet?

P.S.2 To answer your question...yes, they do my friend:-)

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