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Thursday, May 31, 2007

How to ruin ice cream...

Offer to make homemade ice cream to cheer up a down friend.

After she chooses cherry (over lemon), head to the kitchen with the recipe book.

Take out the bowl and spend well over 30 minutes (de)pitting the cherries (with love).

Follow direction leaving last few steps until you get to friend's house.

Later, when you are ready for ice cream, begin hand whipping the cream.

Continue while another friend judges your whipping abilities.

After your arm gets tired, pass the whipping off to other friend.

When other friend gives it back to you so you can finish, continue whipping and forget to pay attention because you are engrossed in the really bad dancers on some reality tv show.

Look down and realize the cream you were whipping that was supposed to be thick and creamy is now thick and chunky.

Put all the ingredients in the ice cream maker and hope it all turns out okay.

Watch the looks on your friends' faces as they attempt to swallow the spoonfuls of frozen curdled cream.

Call friend's man and have him pick up ice cream on his way home.

Moral of the story from Baking911: If you whip too long, the cream can curdle and separate. That's because prolonged beating has warmed the cream.

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