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Monday, June 04, 2007

Ruining my Ipod

My playlists have transformed from Study Music and Beach Mix to Criminal Law and Evidence. Yep, I loaded up the PMBR CD's onto my Itunes. (For those non-Bar Exam takers: PMBR is one of the two large companies that fight for our attention and charge way too much money to teach us what we need to know for the bar exam.) While Barbri gets my daytime attention with actual classes, PMBR gets my nights since they gave me notecards, practice books, and most importantly, CDs.

My friends, I am ashamed to say I feel like I hit a jackpot with these CDs. They're like books-on-tape of the law! Everything you could possibly want to know about the federal rules of evidence and contracts and torts. Oh the joy. Jealous? In all honesty, it is a nice little break to put a playlist on my new Shuffle and listen while I cook, workout, clean, etc. I am not sure how much I am actually retaining, but if nothing else, it takes away those pangs of guilt when god forbid I take a breaks to eat or walk to class or some other non-studying activity.

Okay, off to start evidence. Itunes tells me it's 5 hours and 30 minutes long. Going to be a fun night.