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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Is My Price Right?

Okay all you travel buffs...I need some help again. Since everyone was so helpful last time, I figured I'd put it out there again (keeping in mind I've lost a lot of readers since then because my life has become boring and filled with Bar study). We have been working diligently to make our post-Bar Exam trip happen (and by "we" I mean our travel agent). I have never used a travel agent before nor have I traveled so extensively. I just want to make sure we are getting a good cost. The following is the current itinerary and I would love to know approximately what folks think this should cost. I should note that I have no intention of divulging what we are actually paying in this public forum. Rather, I just need your input so I know where our projected costs are falling.

Including all of the above flights, hotels (all with breakfasts), hotel taxes, cruises (with meals), three day-tours & transfers to hotels...how much do you think we should expect to pay? What about for just flights alone?