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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Girl Therapy

When I was younger my mom used to go to "therapy". She'd usually come home intoxicated. You see, it wasn't the usual kind of therapy with a doctor and a sofa. It was girl therapy. She and the ladies from her softball team would get together once a month or so and have their therapy sessions. I never knew exactly what went on, but I knew it involved wine and giggling and a bunch of ladies getting away from their lives for the evening. I knew it was important to my mom.

And now, I have realized how important it is to me. I have a couple of friends that I get together with monthly to play poker. There's food and drinks and cards and only the four of us. This is a fairly recent tradition in my life but last night made me realize just how important it has become to me. These monthly evenings with these gals has become my girl therapy. I knew this summer was going to be stressful and I would have to give up a lot of social events, but I also knew that poker night is one I would not be willing to do without.

So last night I took time away from life to go to therapy. We feasted on yummy foods and even more yummy vodka concoctions; we talked about boys and who should stay and who should go (consensus: the Chanuck is the only one worth keeping); we played some TX hold'em and made up rules as we went; we jammed to the best of Toni Toni Toni and danced our way to the restroom all night; we talked about everything ranging from duck-taped bras to tipping to mistress horses; we got quiet and serious over a couple of sad moments; we got right back up and started dancing. At the end of the night, after we cleaned up the strawberries and whip cream from the table, floor, and ourselves, we said our goodbyes. I realized I had not stressed about studying all night long. I walked away feeling refreshed and balanced and damn lucky to have found such great friends who have given me my very own means of girl therapy.

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