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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dear Self-Important Asshat at the Indian Embassy This Morning,

You poor thing. The way you were treated at the consular's office was really just abominable. I mean, the nerve of them making you wait in line with all of us commoners! I did notice your frustration, as did everyone else waiting patiently in that line. We felt bad for you, really.

I quite liked the little routine you were doing and I was just surprised it didn't work. How did it go again? Oh yes...sigh loudly, lean on the chair to your right, then to your left, sigh, pull out blackberry and make phone call, put blackberry back in pocket, sigh, push your sleeves up one at a time, shuffle papers, sigh, pull out blackberry and send email. I really have no idea why that didn't make the line go any faster. I mean, you repeated the routine a few times even mixing things up a bit. Perhaps next time if you sigh a little more that would work.

Oh, and to top things off, the nerve of the woman at the window! How dare she not accept your visa paperwork because you didn't have two photos stapled to it. I mean, this tidbit of information is only available on the website, the checklist, the signs in the room, and inside the big empty box on the front of the application reading "STAPLE TWO PHOTOS HERE." How were you supposed to know that the photobooth when you walked in actually served a purpose? I mean, to make you get out of the line and properly finish your application before turning it in? Absurd!

Sir, on behalf of all of us peons, I really do apologize for any inconvenience you encountered. It was such a pleasure spending 45 minutes of my morning with you,

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