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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Law student dialogue

Last night was my last night of freedom before I crawl back into my hole and cover up with the 1L blanket. I went to a bar with some friends and when I first got there, I saw a guy in my class. We had that akward "I should say hi to this person, but I don't know this person on a social level so don't know how to act" moment. (Which, by the way, floors me, as I am not used to having anyone in my life NOT on a social level.) Anyway, first question out of his mouth "So, you finished the reading yet?" To this, I respond "Nope, you." He says "Nope, haven't even started." Mind you, both of us were full of it. Not only have I finished, but have begun to read for classes that didn't assign reading. And I can assure you that the Versace model has too, as he is one of the 'always prepared' folks in class. Why, then did we both feel the need to play it off? Law School is not like high school where it was "cool" not to take school seriously. It seems to be that competitive thing coming back. Maybe no one wants the next person to know what they have done, for fear that person will go and do more. Either way, it's strange!