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Monday, July 02, 2007

Bar Exam woes

You know the bar exam is getting closer when...

You have absolutely no idea what today is. And when someone tells you, you still don't know what tomorrow will be.

You cringe at the words "paced program".

You spend every day experimenting with various forms and timings of caffeine-intake trying to find a balance between awake enough to get stuff done but not so jittery you cannot sit still.

You realize that from here on out, everything can wait until after July 25: friends, bills, oil change, doctors, sleep, bathing, gym. Okay, maybe not bathing.

Obnoxious terminology has infiltrated your daily conversations: "Look, I don't know what happened, but I'm pissed and res ipsa tells me it's your fault."..."Seriously, you are such an eggshell plaintiff!"..."That happened so long ago, the statute of limitations for you to bring this up to me has already run."

You realize Conviser is your friend. No seriously, he is. You find that you write him notes all day long like "help me Conviser" and "Conviser I need you". You also realize you have spent more time with him in the past few weeks than you have with any of your local friends.

Your friends' away messages say things like "This is one long race", "Make it STOP" and "Dear Bar Exam: suck it!"

When you turn on the television for background noise in the morning and Jerry Springer is on, you find yourself sitting down to watch it, because hell, anything is more interesting than studying at this point.

You look back at the girl you were a few months ago (the girl that was looking forward to studying for the bar exam) and you want to stab her with a highlighter.

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