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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Barbri weekend woes

My birthday falls on a Friday this summer. My birthday never falls on a Friday. Additionally, my birthday is special this year 'cause I'm turning 30. Wow, I haven't changed decades in like, um, almost 10 years. You may be wondering what I will be doing for my 30th birthday. Brace yourselves: I will be taking a simulated Multistate Bar Examination from 9am to 4:30pm. Good freaking times, huh?

While I am excited about being able to check my progress mid-way through the summer, I am a little less excited about spending the Saturday and Sunday immediately following my birthday in a classroom. I have heard mixed ramblings about the weekend-long wrap up; some say waste of valuable time because you can just read the answers and some say really helpful.
Anyone have advice one way or the other?

(I know it seems a little far out to worry, but I heard a few rumors about a friend or two wanting to plan a big shindig and I just wanna know if I need to quash or downgrade their plans early on.)