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Monday, November 06, 2006

Blog Magical Powers!

I wrote a post earlier this morning whining about the elections and I wrapped it up with "I'm not so sure I WANT the right to vote in this election. Could I trade it in for something like a new IPod or a plane ticket?"

Today, I found out that we get an entire week off for Thanksgiving (as opposed to the two days I assumed). So, right before my first class, I hopped online and found a roundtrip flight to Louisiana for $199 including taxes. Sweet...a plane ticket.

Later, during my second class, some awards were given out. There was a little contest between the Dean's Fellows in our Legal Research program that may or may not have involved writing haikus. I won the third place prize...an IPod.

I think WonL is magic. And I think I need a dustbuster, a new brown coat and a train ticket for Samer. Just sayin'.