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Monday, November 06, 2006

Gearing up to vote

I cannot wait until tomorrow! I get to vote. You know, that 19th amendment back in 1920 gave me, a woman, the right to head to the polls and cast my opinion as to who I think should be my voice in the Senate. This is an honor and a decision to take seriously. I have the freedom to choose between a racist and a sexist. Oh, the qualifications!

To sort through all of this, all I need to do is turn on the television. These fine gentlemen have taken up the commercial space between every single television show. Each of them has graciously told me everything I need to know about his opponent. Why waste precious television time telling me about himself? I understand the problem with a candidate giving me his own qualifications. I mean, he is a bit biased and I am sure he would exaggerate things to impress me and get my vote. Whereas, if he tells me about his opponent, there is no reason to think there would be any exagerration or bias or just plain bullshit going on there, right?

Some people think that I should make my decision ignoring qualifications alltogether. Abilities don't actually matter. According to some, the future of our country lies in two little letters: the little 'R' and the little 'D' in the little parentheses behind the candidates names. That, my friends, is how I am supposed to decide who should be my voice.

If I am still confused as to who to vote for, I can always turn to the vocal supporters of the candidates. For instance, this whackjob whose fallen son is rolling over in his grave at his mother's antics in his name, told me she is supporting Webb. Oh, well then...case closed. Lady, if anything, that would make me vote for Allen.

I'm not so sure I WANT the right to vote in this election. Could I trade it in for something like a new IPod or a plane ticket?