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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Pissy Red

Might you be wondering how to start your Pissy Tuesday off right? Go to sleep scantily clad at 3am then wake up at 8am when the man on the scaffolding PEERING into your fourteenth floor window accidentally knocks his head on the glass. Oh, did you think this man on the scaffolding was supposed to be working? Yeah, me too.

In an effort to prove to the world that I am not the only pissy one around, two weeks ago other folks out there indulged me with their stories. Things that piss off my readers include: lurkers, speaker phones in cubicles, law students with attitude (believe it or not, that one was not mine), pressure to have a baby, going back to work after vacation, slow drivers, Wendy's, law school elevators and ex-wives. This week, I asked the very lovely and talented (and pissy) Red of Life of Red to get us started...

Pissy Tuesday Traffic

Signs have been up for over a month talking about upcoming lane shifts, due to construction, on Connecticut Avenue in Cleveland Park. They knew this would be traumatizing to the traffic so they put up lights to define which lane is for which direction.

They finally started the construction on the street and turned on the lane lights alerting people to the changes. My question is why do I seem to be the only one that understands them? If you are in a lane and look directly up to see a big red X wouldn't you think maybe you're in the wrong lane? Yeah a big Red X means move cause your in Red's way.

The lane shifts are due to construction on the Klingle Bridge. Yes, that bridge is called the Klingle Bridge.

That's what pisses of Miss Red. What pisses you off?